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Fun Town for Kids

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Welcome to Fun Town! Come play on busy Main Street or visit its many shops - "a winning formula" - 4/5 Gamezebo.com14 AMAZING MINI-GAMES IN ONE... creative play that's fun, engaging and educational...
*GROW YOU FAVORITE FLOWER*BUILD A BIKE and take it for a ride*MAKE A HAMBURGER and then gobble it up!*GO SHOPPING*GRAB SOME PICK N MIX and much more...
Collect the FUN TOWN MEDALS and win the FUN TOWN GOLD CUP!
Ideal for young kids, aged 2 - 6 years old.
“Your kids are going to love this one... I would definitely recommend Fun Town” - 8/10 
Fun Town is simple, educational fun for young kids. Scroll along Main Street and interact with the various shoppers and vehicles. Choose one of the 14 the shops you’d like to visit - each is it’s own mini-game;
• Restaurant - make a Hamburger - mmm!• Florist - grow your favorite flower.• Bicycle Shop - make a bike and take it for a ride!• Shoe Shop - match the pairs of shoes.• Green Grocers - sort the fruit and place into the baskets.• Sweet Shop - pick n mix fun!• Market Stall - sort the vegetables and place in the crates.• Party Shop - pop the bubbles!• Traffic Lights - can you fix the broken lights!• Banks - sort the bank notes and coins.• Phone Booth - fix the keypad - replace the missing numbers.• Supermarket - scan and pack your shopping.
EDUCATIONAL FEATURES in Fun Town• Match Shapes• Number recognition from 0 to 10• Match Colors• Match Pairs• Shape recognition• Matching Numbers
ADDITIONAL FEATURES in Fun Town• Fantastic Art Work• Fun Sounds and Animations• Kid-friendly interface!• No third-party advertising
ABOUT US We are a newly formed company whose sole purpose is providing QUALITY interactive kids early years software.
As parents ourselves we’ve struggled to find suitable teaching software. It is for this reason we created “Touch & Learn”.
Our background is in both teaching and design. With over 30 years combined experience we feel we have both the relevant expertise and experience to guide both parents and kids through those challenging early years of development.
PLEASE, CONTACT US If you have any questions, queries, problems, suggestions or complaints do not hesitate to contact us. We will endeavor to address them with a direct response or future software updates.